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G.S.Kostakopoulos & Associates Law Firm constitutes the evolution of the law office founded in Athens in 1982 by Mr. Georgios GEORGIOU-KOSTAKOPOULOS, and has gradually become one of the most well-established Commercial, Corporate and Public Law firms in Greece.  It is the only Greek Law Firm disposing of an autonomous branch in Brussels, where the headquarters of the European Union are established. The firm offers specialised legal advice in all areas of law required by large corporations including their day-to-day activities.

Integral part of the firm’s strategy is to advise and assist its clients in their international business affairs. As a result, the firm has assembled a core of internationally trained and experienced lawyers who are able to assist Greek clients abroad as well as foreign clients doing business in Greece, the Balkans and other parts of the world.

Approximately twenty lawyers trained in graduate and post-graduate level in Greece and abroad currently assist clients in   Greek, English, French and German,. Several of the firm’s lawyers have worked with law firms abroad or have served in important positions of the Greek Administration before joining the firm.

The firm has its head office in the centre of Athens Greece, an office in the capital of the European Union, Brussels Belgium and a branch in Luxembourg.

A network of permanent collaborators-local law firms provides legal services in all parts of Greece. Together with the partners and the associates of the firm, external consultants, among which well-known University Law Professors and Former State Legal Consultants support its everyday work.

In addition, the firm collaborates throughout the years closely with a number of major international law firms, both within the European Union and other countries. This enables the firm to systematically handle complicated international cases either as a leader or as a member of an international group of Law firms. This enables the firm to service its clients with their needs all over the world. 

The firm utilises advanced technology in the field of communication, and data processing. An additional specialised staff of more than 10 (economists, IT specialists etc.) is employed by the firm in order to better serve the needs of its clients.

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